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Archery Lessons

The next round of archery lessons starts July 6. Online registration is now open, and links to registration forms can be found on our Current Lessons page.

Four times a year (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer), the KAC offers a series of eight lessons for beginners (mixed adults and children), usually held on Saturday afternoons; Summer lessons are held on Thursday evenings.

Kingston Archery Club Spring 3D Tournament Sunday 4 June 2017

On Sunday 4 June 2017, the Kingston Archery Club will host the annual Spring 3D Archery tournament at the Outdoor Range located at 2043 Battersea Road. This tournament is open to members of the local community as well as club members. It will consist of 2 x 20 targets with a random start. A K50 division (range finders allowed) will be available. Archers in all traditional divisions may shoot TWO arrows per target and score the highest scoring arrow. Registration will open at 8 AM. The adult registration fee is $20.00.

Club Practice Evenings Move to the Outdoor Range

Commencing on 4 May 2017, the Kingston Archery Club has moved its Club Practice Evenings to its outdoor range located at 2043 Battersea Road. Throughout the spring and summer, Club Practice Evenings will occur on Thursday evenings between 6 PM and dusk. The Indoor Range will be closed, except for archery lessons, until approximately the third week of September. For more information regarding the outdoor range, Club Practice evenings, visitor and guest policies please go to the "Outdoor Range" page on our website.

Indoor Target Archery Tournament - 25 March 2017

Our club will be hosting an indoor target archery tournament on Saturday 25 March in the basement of St. Luke's Anglican Church at 236 Nelson St. This tournament is open to all age groups and skill levels. Our objective is to enable our members to gain experience shooting in a tournament setting while doing so in a familiar environment. Club members, archery lesson students, and members of the KCVI archery club will have priority on registration up until 18 March. At that time we will open up registration to members of the public.

Annual Outdoor 3D Tournament & Archery Fair

Join us for our first outdoor tournament of the season on June 5th, 2016 at the Kingston Archery Club Outdoor Range located at 2043 Battersea Road, Kingston (North of Hwy 401 and Montreal St.). Tournament Registration begins at 8:00 am with Shotgun Start 9:30 am. There are 2 x 20 Targets and K50 class is welcome. Recurve and traditional archers score best of TWO arrows per target.

Registration Fees:
Adult (18 years +) to Master - $20.00 per person
Archers under 18 years - $10.00
Family - $30.00

A barbecue lunch and canteen is available.

Upcoming Tournaments May to September 2016 – Ottawa / Gatineau Regions

Please Note: For tournaments hosted by clubs in Quebec, proof of personal insurance is required in order to participate. This means that you must have proof of membership in either the Fédération de Tir à l'arc du Québec, the OAA or a club which provides insurance as part of it’s membership. The Kingston Archery Club DOES NOT provide personal insurance as part of your membership.

Indoor Target Archery Tournament 27 February 2016

The Kingston Archery Club will conduct an indoor target archery tournament on 27 February. The aim of the tournament is to provide club members, advanced archery lesson students and local archers within Kingston and surrounding communities with the opportunity to participate in an indoor target archery tournament.

The tournament will be conducted over two sessions; a morning and an afternoon session. We will follow OAA age category and equipment divisions.

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Saturday, February 27, 2016 - 08:30

Google and the International Mail Match

In September 2015 our club was contacted by a small archery club in the Lake District of England named The Bowmen of Hedleywood and invited to participate in an international mail match involving their club and a club in Bermuda named Bermuda Archery and Fencing. The Bowmen of Hedleywood lack the number of members required to participate in UK Postal Leagues and decided to search abroad for competition. In the first year they contacted a club in Bermuda, worked out a plan and conducted a successful match.